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Past Student Declarations

Leaving Certificate

"Some of the happiest memories I am lucky to have come from my 6 years spent at Virginia College. It is here that my friendships flourished, my confidence grew and my education advanced. So many opportunities were given to me. I was fortunate to receive the role as Head Girl in sixth year however it did not define my time in Virginia College.  

Getting involved in every aspect of school life will always be my favourite part. Every sport or musical event that was offered I somehow found myself attending them all. Those days at home or away representing the school in red and black were the days I felt the most contented. Similarly, the school choir played a huge role in my school experience, not forgetting the musical where us students were given the trust and confidence in ourselves to perform for our friends and family. As well as that, the countless day trips, Ty trips and school events we were lucky to participate in.  

School life is not always easy and some days it can all get overwhelming. However, maintaining a positive attitude between your peers and seniors is a good bit of advice for incoming students, it means you still can have the craic while enjoying everyday school life. Being nice to those around you will only ever enhance your experience. The teachers created a safe, comfortable environment to help us with our every need. Virginia College is where I have made bonds that will last forever both with some teachers and more so with my fellow classmates and friends. My final piece of advice I would like to give to incoming students is to take every opportunity as it comes and dive in! It was here at Virginia College I learned this very important life lesson. Niamh is currently studying for an honours BA in History and Politics at UCD  "

—  Niamh Sheridan, Leaving Cert 2020