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Past Student Declarations

What Our Students Say

I still remember my first day in Virginia College. I will never forget the fear of the unknown and the excitement of what was yet to come. Little did I know that the unknown would introduce me to the most amazing 5 years of my academic life. In this place I have met my close friends who I still engage with to this day. I was inspired by many teachers that I will never forget in my life. Looking back on first year, I really did not know how my life will switch 180 degrees while entering the school's main doors.  I will miss walking through the school halls and seeing everyone. I felt very safe in Virginia and that would not have been possible without all of the teachers and the staff. I will look back very fondly during my time in this school, and I hope that the future years of Virginia will remain as positive as they were for me.  

Malwina is currently studying nursing in Trinity College 

—  Malwina Lukaszewicz, Leaving Cert 2022

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