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Subject Information 

Visual Art at junior cycle aims to provide the student with a set of personal attitudes and qualities as well as skills and processes and a sense of the aesthetic. Through practical engagement in the areas of art, craft and design students will develop self- confidence, inquisitiveness, imagination, and creativity. 

The Art course for Leaving Cert is about developing the student's ability in a range of artistic fields and disciplines. The syllabus permits a huge number of media, from the fine arts such as sculpture, drawing, and painting, to puppet-making, embroidery, calligraphy, metalwork, and pottery. 

Students are expected to spend the duration of the course practicing and developing their skills in several of these areas. 

Department Members

  • Ms Dempsey

  • Ms Tynan

Why Study Art?

If you want to study more in an artistic area, you can continue in Fine Art and specialise in painting, sculpting or printmaking. Alternatively, you could go into the design area and specialise in areas such as fashion, graphic, interior or furniture design. Studying art, as the title suggests, allows students to be creative and explore their desire for self-expression and develop an appreciation for artistic work of others, including the work of famous artists and the history of art. 

What kind of Student would Art suit?
  • Students who have shown an aptitude for art, such as by getting high grades in Junior Cert Art. 

  • Anyone considering a career in a creative discipline such as Architecture, Marketing, Film and Entertainment, Web Design, Fashion, Game Design, or Advertising. 

  • Students who are weak in other areas, such as languages or mathematics, may find it easier to achieve points in Art. 

  • Students who enjoy expressing themselves through art and like to sketch and doodle.  

  • Students who are prepared to work hard at developing their artistic talent. 

  • Students who are looking for a break from intensive memory-work in their other subjects, or to reduce pressure on themselves in June by having a subject with exams in April/May. 


  • For most third level art and design courses, a portfolio is required as well as the Leaving Cert. 

Subject Group: Artistic

These subjects involve developing creativity and the appreciation of the work of others. This involves learning the methods and techniques of the subject and producing your own work using these skills. 

Career Sectors

This subject builds skills and knowledge that are particularly useful for careers in the following Career Sectors: 

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