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Construction Studies
Subject Information 

Junior Cycle Wood Technology fosters and nurtures STEM approaches to learning, skills and dispositions. Learning outcomes are statements that describe what knowledge, understanding, skills and values students should be able to demonstrate having studied Wood Technology in junior cycle. 


Leaving Certificate Construction Studies provides students in the senior cycle of post-primary education with an introduction to the knowledge and skills involved in construction technology and construction materials and processes. 


This subject has proven to be very popular with over 7,000 students taking the subject last year. 

Department Members

  • Mr Duffy

  • Mr Reilly

Why Study Construction Studies?

This practical subject gives students hands-on experience working with tools and machinery. Students also undertake theoretical and background work for their final examinations which provides the students with useful skills for working in the sector.  

What kind of Student would Construction Studies suit ?

It is recommended that a student taking Leaving Certificate Construction Studies has a general interest in buildings and the built environment. 

Each student should have an aptitude for, and an interest in design and practical work.

Subject Group: Practical

These subjects are 'hands-on' and involve working with tools and machinery on physical things like wood, metals and plastic. They may involve designing, planning and building things. 

Career Sectors

This subject builds skills and knowledge that are particularly useful for careers in the following Career Sectors: 

  • Construction, Architecture & Property 

  • Art, Craft & Design 

  • Engineering, Manufacturing & Energy 

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