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Subject Information 

Engineering is one of the technology subjects offered at junior cycle. It is an activity-based course focusing on metal, how to work with it and how to assemble different parts. Other materials such as plastics and wood are also investigated and used in project work. 


Leaving Certificate Engineering is the study of mechanical engineering. Students develop skills and initiative in the planning, development and realisation of technological projects in a safe manner. There are two main areas of study: workshop processes, and materials and technology. 

Engineer Working on Machinery

Department Members

  • Mr Comiskey 

  • Mr  Keeshan 

  • Mr Sheridan 

Why Study Engineering?

This practical subject gives students hands-on experience of working with tools and machinery. Students also undertake theoretical and background work for their final examinations which provides useful skills for those considering a career in the sector.  

What kind of Student would Engineering suit?

Each student should have an aptitude for and an interest in design and practical work. This subject follows on from Junior Cert metalwork. 

Subject Group: Practical

These subjects are 'hands-on' and involve working with tools and machinery on physical things like wood, metals and plastic. They may involve designing, planning and building things. 

Career Sectors

This subject builds skills and knowledge that are particularly useful for careers in the following Career Sectors: 

  • Art, Craft & Design 

  • Construction, Architecture & Property 

  • Engineering, Manufacturing & Energy 

  • Earth & Environment 

  • Biomedical Technologies & Medtech 

  • Physics, Mathematics & Space Science 

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