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Subject Information 

Graphics is one of the technology subjects offered at junior cycle. In Graphics you will learn how to represent 3-D objects on paper and on computer. You will develop problem solving and creative thinking skills through the solution of graphical problems. 


Design and Communication Graphics develops students' comprehension ability, and problem solving and creative thinking skills are developed through the analysis and solution of both 2 and 3-dimensional graphics. Graphics and design are communicated using freehand sketching skills, traditional draughting equipment and CAD.

Department Members

  • Mr Comiskey 

  • Mr Keeshan 

  • Mr Moran 

  • Mr Reilly 

  • Mr Sheridan 

Why Study Design and Communications Graphics?

DCG helps to further students’ cognitive and practical skills with modules like graphic communication, problem solving, spatial visualisation, design capabilities, computer graphics and much more. 

What kind of student would DCG suit? 


Students who have taken Tech Graphics to Junior Cert level. 

Students who have a keen interest in further studies in practical areas of engineering and construction, or in apprenticeships which include the study of technical drawings.



It is an advantage to have studied Technical Graphics at Junior Cert. level. 

Free-hand sketching is a main component of the core topics. Therefore, Junior Cert Art, Materials Technology or Wood Technology would serve as an advantage in this area. 

A basic knowledge of ICT skills is also beneficial. 

Students must also appreciate that work completed must conform to a high standard of neatness and draftsmanship. 

Subject Group: Artistic

These subjects involve developing creativity and the appreciation of the work of others. This involves learning the methods and techniques of the subject and producing your own work using these skills. 

Career Sectors

This subject builds skills and knowledge that are particularly useful for careers in the following Career Sectors: 

  • Construction, Architecture & Property 

  • Computers & ICT 

  • Engineering, Manufacturing & Energy 

  • Art, Craft & Design 

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