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Subject Information 

The study of history at junior cycle aims to enable students to develop the necessary conceptual understanding, disciplinary skills and subject knowledge to investigate the actions of people in the past and to come to a deeper understanding of the human condition. 


History aims to record and analyse things which have happened in the past, with an emphasis on both how and why events occurred. It deals with human experience and involves an investigation of the surviving evidence relating to such experience. 


History brings students into contact with human experiences that are often very different from their own and fosters their developing understanding of the human condition and human motivation. Through its focus on the evaluation of evidence, it contributes significantly to the development of students' skills of critical thinking. Through its focus on research, it allows students the opportunity to develop their skills of independent learning. 


History is often studied out of personal interest, but also develops important skills which are of life-long importance. 


Department Members

  • Ms Brady 

  • Mr Flood 

  • Ms Goldrick 

  • Ms Mc Quaid 

  • Ms Shine 

  • Ms Sheridan 

  • Mr Murphy

  • Ms Smith

  • Ms Reilly

  • Mr Murphy

What kind of Student would History suit?

Students who enjoy and appreciate history, and would like to improve their knowledge. 

Students who are willing to commit a lot of time; History is a demanding subject. 

Students who have strong English language skills, and are able to write.  

Students aiming to improve their self-discipline and research skills.


When considering History as a Leaving Certificate subject students should note the following: 


An interest in the subject is vital; some students choose it on the basis that they like nothing else on the Subject Line. 

A good knowledge of English, an ability to write and an interest in current affairs is important. 

Self-discipline is an essential ingredient as students must show initiative in researching material, not merely for the research topic, but also to augment their knowledge of the course in general. 

Choosing it because it was an easy subject for the Junior Certificate has absolutely no basis in truth, as they are two completely separate courses. Leaving Certificate History is demanding and some students find out too late that they cannot cope and drop out. 

If history is a subject that you like and you have the ability, discipline and work ethic to do well in it, but is not related to the course you want to pursue at Third Level, you should consider doing it on the basis that it will get you the required points to get the Third Level course that you want. 

Subject Group: Humanities 

These subjects explore the ways in which humans live and communicate in the world. Human life is examined by looking at our past, our present and into our future. These subjects help people to express themselves clearly and develop their reasoning ability. 

Career Sectors

This subject builds skills and knowledge that are particularly useful for careers in the following Career Sectors: 

  • Education & Teaching 

  • Law & Legal 

  • Media, Film & Publishing 

  • Sales, Retail & Purchasing 

  • Security, Defence & Law Enforcement 

  • Transport & Logistics 

  • History, Culture & Languages 

  • Accountancy & Taxation 

  • Community & Voluntary 

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