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Subject Information 

The strong vocational focus of the LCVP is achieved by arranging Leaving Certificate subjects into Vocational Subject Groupings and through the provision of two additional courses of study in work preparation and enterprise, known as the Link Modules. 


These subjects teach the skills and knowledge needed to understand how business works. 

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Department Members

  • Mr Mc Cormack 

  • Ms O Sullivan 

Why Study the Link Modules?

Students who take the LCVP/Link Modules will benefit in several ways.  Through the Programme’s focus on personal development, they will be able to: 


  • Communicate their thoughts and ideas effectively. 

  • Take responsibility for their own learning. 

  • Work as a member of a team or group. 

  • Adapt and cope with changing circumstances. 

Through the Programme’s focus on the world of work they will have: 


  • Knowledge of the world of work. 

  • Skills for job seeking. 

  • Undertaken work experience or participated in work simulation. 

Through the Programmes’ focus on enterprise, business and technology they will: 


  • Be more innovative and enterprising. 

  • Be used to working in teams. 

  • Be familiar with setting up and running enterprising initiatives. 

  • Have experience of using computers and audio-visual equipment. 

Through these benefits, LCVP students will be more employable.  They will be in a better position to set up their own business.  In addition, they will have skills and aptitudes which will enable them to be more effective learners in the further education they receive at third level. 

What kind of Student would the Link Modules suit?

This is a practical subject/programme that suits practical students. 

It is a real preparation for the world of work.  

The bulk of marks go for the portfolio which is done over the 2-years 

Links with other option subjects which can enhance performance in those subjects. 

Promotes skills and qualities of self-reliance, innovation and enterprise 

Skills learned through LCVP such as planning, researching, writing reports and making presentations are keys to your success at third level.  The LCVP may be counted as one of the six subjects when calculating points. 


LCVP is not offered in every school so you will need to confirm with your school that the programme is running. 

Subject Group: Business

These subjects teach the skills and knowledge needed to understand how business works.

Career Sectors

This subject builds skills and knowledge that are particularly useful for careers in the following Career Sectors: 

  • Tourism & Hospitality 

  • Media, Film & Publishing 

  • Community & Voluntary 

  • Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations 

  • Clerical & Administration 

  • Sales, Retail & Purchasing 

  • Business Management & Human Resources 

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