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Parents Association - About Us
The Parent Association is the structure through which parents/guardians in a school can work together for the best possible education for their children.


  • The Education Act, 1998 sets down the role of the parent association.

  • The Parent Association works with the principal, staff and the board of management to build effective partnership of home and school.

  • Educational research on the involvement of parents in schools shows that children achieve higher levels when parents and teachers work together.

  • The Parent Association can advise the principal and Board of Management on policy issues and incidents that may require a review of school policy, e.g. Bullying, Safety, Homework, Enrolment, Behaviour problems etc.

  • Parent Associations can suggest and/or organise extra-curricular activities.

  • The Parent Association is a support for parents in the school.

  • The Parent Association can invite speakers to address the parents on issues which are topical or relevant.

  • Virginia College Parents’ Association was established in September 2021.  

  • There are currently 7 members on the committee.  

  • As parents/guardians, we play a key role in the lives of our children.  Being part  of the PA in Virginia College is a rewarding opportunity to be involved in  your child’s education. 

  • The PA is the link between Virginia College and parents’/guardians of students in the school. 

  • We have contributed to important events in Virginia College since 2021. 

  • The ‘Fuel Draw’ in 2022 was a huge success and as a result we have been able to contribute funds to a number of key events in the school that support all students.  

  • We welcome any involvement by parents/guardians of students in Virginia College and we appreciate your support thus far.  

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