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Subject Information 

The syllabus in Spanish is a communicative one organised around the needs, expectations and interests which pupils bring to the foreign language classroom. through the above, contributing to pupils' overall personal and social development. 


Spanish as a Leaving Cert subject aims to bring students closer to fluency in the Spanish language, as well as developing a good knowledge of literature, culture, and geography to provide a context for communication. As the second most widely spoken native language, and most widely studied language on the planet, Spanish has widespread use in international business. It also makes travel to Spain, Mexico, and most of South America more accessible. 


Department Members

  • Ms Mc Guinness 

  • Ms Caffrey 

What kind of Student would Spanish suit?

Anyone with an interest in Spanish culture, history, and language. 

Students interested in travelling the world. 

Students who are considering working in Spain (or other Hispanic countries) or international relations in the future. 



Some schools require all their Leaving Certificate students to take a language. If students have the option to choose whether or not to take a language, they should consider it seriously as it may determine the choices available to them when it comes to applying for college. 


For example, a third language is a requirement of a number of departments in the NUI colleges -- University College Cork (UCC), University College Dublin (UCD), NUI Galway and NUI Maynooth. The phrase, third language, refers to a language other than English and Irish, which, it is presumed, most students already study. 


Departments in NUI colleges that require students to have a language include or Arts, Humanties, Law, Social Science, Commerce, Medicine and Health Sciences and some other degrees. A third language is not required for engineering or agriculture in these colleges. 


Trinity College Dublin (TCD) and the University of Limerick require students to have one language -- either Irish or a modern language, while Dublin City University (DCU) and the Institutes of Technology require students to pass Maths and English or Irish. 

Subject Group: Humanities

These subjects explore the ways in which humans live and communicate in the world. Human life is examined by looking at our past, our present and into our future. These subjects help people to express themselves clearly and develop their reasoning ability. 

Career Sectors

This subject builds skills and knowledge that are particularly useful for careers in the following Career Sectors: 

  • Business Management & Human Resources 

  • Government, Politics & EU 

  • Education & Teaching 

  • Banking & Financial Services 

  • Tourism & Hospitality 

  • Media, Film & Publishing 

  • Sales, Retail & Purchasing

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