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Subject Information 

Junior Cycle Applied Technology aims to develop the students' curiosity of the technological world while integrating the necessary subject knowledge with the disciplinary skills to investigate and solve real-life problems. 


Leaving Certificate technology provides students with the knowledge and skills associated with technology education. Students apply their knowledge and skills creatively in a design-based approach to solving everyday technological problems, mindful of the impact on natural resources and on the environment. 


The syllabus comprises core areas of study, which are mandatory, and five optional areas of study, from which students choose two. 

Electrical engineer working on circuit board

Department Members

  • Mr Comiskey 

  • Mr  Keeshan 

  • Mr Moran 

  • Mr Sheridan 

Why Study Technology?

Given the current accelerated advances in technology, this is a very cutting edge subject. This subject aims to boost a student's ability to apply knowledge and skills to evaluate technology.  

Technology will help you to solve many of the technological problems you may experience in everyday life. 

This subject teaches you to think about a problem and then use your knowledge and skills to design a solution to that problem. 

It will teach you skills in the use of basic tools and equipment. 

You will also be able to identify many different types of materials and have a basic understanding of electronic circuits and gear systems.

Subject Group: Practical

These subjects are 'hands-on' and involve working with tools and machinery on physical things like wood, metals and plastic. They may involve designing, planning and building things. 

Career Sectors

This subject builds skills and knowledge that are particularly useful for careers in the following Career Sectors: 

  • Art, Craft & Design 

  • Construction, Architecture & Property 

  • Computers & ICT 

  • Media, Film & Publishing 

  • Engineering, Manufacturing & Energy 

  • Maritime, Fishing & Aquaculture 

  • Earth & Environment 

  • Biomedical Technologies & Medtech 

  • Physics, Mathematics & Space Science 

  • Music & Performing Arts 

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